Simply to bring to market innovative products that offer features and options that are not yet available in the market place. We call it the “SPEC” effect!

Do we manufacture components for existing platforms and that take the place of similar products currently in existence….yes, but we only produce products if we can drastically & significantly improve their design function and engineering qualities. We introduce features in existing platforms that are innovative and new to market. In short, we produce products you can’t get anywhere else!



The 1SPEC Evolution SBC cast iron block is a culmination of years of thought and development.

Some of the benefits to the Evolution block go unnoticed at first but once deep into the engine build you will come to find that this is truly the most advanced SBC block ever produced!



So what is the problem that 1SPEC resolves?

1SPEC is a company of firsts! We offer engineering services and unique private label product offerings in a way that makes it easy for individuals to make their dream products become reality!



1SPEC stands for 1 Stop Performance Engine Castings! And that is who we are!

We are both a product and service based company that is unique in the industry and is revolutionizing the thought process about how to procure a new product or idea. We are strictly dedicated to the aftermarket automotive industry with a focus on engine components!

1SPEC is proudly based in the USA (Midwest – Central Indiana to be exact) and has a unique mix of expertise and leadership that includes backgrounds in the foundry industry, engineering, machining, design, and engine building. In fact we have a combined total of over 2 CENTURIES of leadership experience in the above fields!