Simply to bring to market innovative products that offer features and options that are not yet available in the market place.  We call it the “SPEC” effect!

Do we manufacture components for existing platforms and that take the place of similar products currently in existence….yes, but we only produce products if we can drastically & significantly improve their design function and engineering qualities.  We introduce features in existing platforms that are innovative and new to market.  In short, we produce products you can’t get anywhere else!

We are not trying to be everything to everyone…..but our products are!  When developing a new product, or product line, we try to encompass and include everything we can into the product until it becomes a detriment to the products strength, durability, reliability, or impedes the original case use.

Products must be developed with unison in mind!  We propel our products with the advancements of the industry.   A perfect example can be seen in the way our EVOLUTION block was designed.  Hardware (head studs, main studs, etc…) has made many advancements over the past several years.  Other new blocks, that have come to market recently, have designed their products to accept the same old hardware.  Why,……… “just because that is the way we have always done it”?  NO!  We have the philosophy that If there has been advancements in the industry of products that complement our product, why not design & engineer our products to take full advantage of the new technology, thus advancing the entire industry forward!!

That is how you advance forward instead of being stagnant, or worse,……going backwards!!!


1SPEC stands for 1 Stop Performance Engine Castings!  And that is who we are!

We are both a product and service based company that is unique in the industry and is revolutionizing the thought process about how to procure a new product or idea.  We are strictly dedicated to the aftermarket automotive industry with a focus on engine components!

1SPEC is proudly based in the USA (Midwest – Central Indiana to be exact) and has a unique mix of expertise and leadership that includes backgrounds in the foundry industry, engineering, machining, design, and engine building.  In fact we have a combined total of over 2 CENTURIES of leadership experience in the above fields!

We believe we have a duty and responsibility, especially in today’s environment, to keep this industry from slipping back into the “dark ages”.   You know the times I am referring to…..the time when you had to modify old worn out parts because the aftermarket did not produce what was needed in the industry!  With the injection of corporate America, companies need to step up and bring the racing world back to where it should be, supplying innovative, forward thinking products……..and we are leading the charge!