1SPEC is a company of firsts!  We offer engineering services and unique private label product offerings in a way that makes it easy for individuals to make their dream products become reality!

So what is the problem that 1SPEC resolves??

Let’s use an intake manifold as an example.  Before 1SPEC, if an individual wanted to pursue making an intake manifold who would they call?  Foundries have always existed, pattern makers have always existed, machine shops have always existed, CAD designers have always existed, engine builders have always existed…..but the issues lies with which one of those does a person call to get their idea of an intake manifold turned into reality?

In the old way of doing things an individual that wanted to pursue such a task would have to become a “general contractor” of sorts.  The CAD designer does not know what an intake manifold is, the foundry that the CAD model is passed off to has no idea of what they are producing, the machine shop that is hired to machine the intake manifold does not know where the critical tolerances are within the intake.  Worst of all, none of the above know how or why the others are doing what they are doing.  See the problem??  The disconnect in this chain is the entire issue.

The unfortunate reality, before 1SPEC, there was never a single company that could be contacted about producing an aftermarket automotive casting.  Now, 1SPEC has been able to do the impossible….join all of those forces into a 1 Stop Performance Engine Casting company that handles it all!  Not only does one hand know what the others are doing…..those hands can cross borders and are involved in each and every aspect of the design and manufacturing processes.  Each are fully aware of how one area affects the other right down to how tolerances effect how a mold goes together down to how a simple wall thickness change can add or take away horsepower from a certain product.  Never before available to this market!!!

So if you have a cylinder block, a cylinder head, an intake manifold, or anything else engine related that you have been dreaming about producing……..now is the time!  Here is your opportunity to make that dream into a reality with just 1 phone call!

Dream it  →  Call 1SPEC  →  Have a product to sell to the masses!  It is that simple!

1SPEC can provide the following services:

  • CAD design and modeling
  • Full foundry services
  • Full pattern design services
  • State of the art machining facility (including 5-Axis machining)
  • 3D printing capabilities
  • CMM & Reverse Engineering Services
  • Laser scanning services